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In 2016, the percent of households with unaffordable rents ranged from 36.8% in Montana to 53.8% in Florida.
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Now Available: Updated Data on Five Measures of Social Determinants of Health and Three Measures of Youth Health Behaviors

SHADAC has updated eight measures in State Health Compare. The updated measures include: unemployment rate; smoke-free campuses; cigarette tax rates; public health funding; child vaccinations; high school obesity; high school smoking; and high school physical activity.

Welcome to SHADAC's State Health Compare!

SHADAC has launched a new web tool that merges SHADAC's Data Center with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Data Hub. State Health Compare expands the health care discussion beyond a focus on coverage and allows analysts and policymakers to view state-level data on a wide range of topics through a broader Culture of Health lens. You can view data through maps, bar charts, trends, and tables. It's easy to explore within your state as well as compare across states and over time.

Watch: State Health Compare Virtual Tour

Join SHADAC Senior Research Fellow Joanna Turner on a guided tour of State Health Compare's user interface. Ms. Turner provides an overview of available estimates and shows how users can generate maps, bar charts, trend lines, and tables to examine the estimates within and across states and over time, as well as by characteristics such as age, race/ethnicity, etc. Ms. Turner also demonstrates how to download graphics and export the underlying data.