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Among children below the poverty level,
6.7% were uninsured in 2022;
by state this ranged from
1.9% in West Virginia to 14.3% in Montana.

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State Health Compare expands the health care discussion beyond a focus on coverage and allows analysts and policymakers to view state-level data on a wide range of topics through a broader Culture of Health lens. Watch the video below to learn how you can use State Health Compare to explore your state’s health estimates today.

Current Measures Available on State Health Compare

State Health Compare hosts more than 45 data measures on a range of health topics including insurance coverage; cost of care; health behaviors; health outcomes; access to and utilization of care; care quality; public health; and social and economic determinants of health. Estimates are available for timespans ranging from 4 to 21 years and are drawn from 17 different sources. See a full list of available measures, data sources, and data years.