Percent of households with a broadband internet subscription

Measure Overview

Having access to the internet allows individuals to readily obtain needed information, exchange ideas with others, follow current events in real-time, work remotely, and perform numerous other tasks for the purposes of employment and leisure. During the COVID-19 pandemic, broadband internet access became an essential tool for individuals seeking telehealth and telemedicine services while lockdowns and strict social distancing measures were in effect. Given that the internet will continue to play a central role in promoting population heath in the post-pandemic era, it is important to identify disparities in broadband internet access across the U.S. in order to close these gaps and help ensure that all individuals can utilize the internet to access the information and care they need.

State Health Compare provides annual, state-level estimates of broadband internet access based on findings from the American Community Survey (ACS). Four breakdowns are available for this measure: disability status, family income, Medicaid enrollment, and metropolitan status.

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